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REC is one of the original & most trusted solar panel manufacturer's, they have set the industry benchmark for premium quality. With testing up to three times more stringent than industry standards their products are proven to be a top performer in Queensland's extreme weather conditions. Originally founded in Norway, the company has produced over 38 million solar panels and 10 gigawatts of energy. REC Group was established in 1996 and have recently been voted as the most financially stable solar manufacturer.


  • Lead-free, RoHS compliant, so choosing the REC Alpha Pure means you can do even more for the environment than just produce clean energy

  • Full-black aesthetic for a seamless appearance

  • High power and compact size help get the most from limited spaces for more savings on energy bills

  • Solder-free cells for increased durability

  • 92% power warranted after 25 years – up to 15% more than comparable technologies

  • More energy through a better performance when the sun shines strongest

  • Level 6 Corrosion rating ideal for coastal areas

  • Panel split into two "Twin" sections increasing energy in shaded conditions & reducing internal resistance for more power

  • No light-induced degradation means you get the power levels you paid for

  • Designed for maximum efficiency in hot conditions with a leading temperature coefficient. 

  • Super-strong frame design the added strength allows your system to achieve higher energy yields

  • Advanced cell connection technology improves the flow of electrical current

  • Sleek and elegant black design for a seamless look

  • 25-year product warranty when installed by a REC Certified Solar Professional installer

  • 25-year performance warranty ensuring panels perform exactly as expected every year for 25 years

  • 25-year labour warranty gives added protection in case a panel needs to be serviced




The REC Alpha Pure offers next-level power and an even greater positive environmental impact. With its innovative gapless cell layout, the REC Alpha Pure uses the entire panel surface to generate power while keeping the panel size compact. Coming with a full black design for optimum appearance and a highly impressive power density of 219 watts/m² it reaches 405 Wp power. What’s more, REC has removed the lead from all Alpha Pure components to create a truly sustainable panel to become even more environmentally friendly.

Based on REC’s advanced HJT cell structure with an innovative solder-free connection technology, the REC Alpha Pure offers a uniform colour and practically invisible connections, making it an elegant solution for all home rooftops and customers wanting to go green.


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Premium Quality

REC internal testing is up to three times as strict as industry practices & panels are tested to withstand the most extreme environments including hail.

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Empowering Warranty

REC has a dependable warranty and is a long-term industry leader ensuring you can always count on them to be there if need be.  

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Made in Singapore

The strict internal quality process used by REC is tightly followed & are all panels are made in Singapore to ensure consistency is never compromised. 


At Solar Saving we have undertaken the necessary training to become REC Certified Professional Installers. This means we are able to exclusively offer a 25-year ProTrust Warranty covering product, performance and labour when you choose us to install your REC panels.

What is a REC Certified Solar Professional Program?

The REC Certified Solar Professional Program was created to provide many advantages to both installers and end-customers. Not every installer can call themselves an ‘REC Certified Solar Professional’: members of the Program are carefully selected to undergo a unique installer certification program. Through this, REC ensures that solar installers are equipped with the know-how and best practices to install REC panels and can assure you that, in addition to high-quality REC solar panels, you will receive a high-quality solar installation.

Why should you choose an REC Certified Solar Professional installer?

Quality product, Quality installation
Knowing that not only is the panel of high quality, but also that the person installing it is highly skilled and trained, gives you greater peace of mind.

Added comfort
Take comfort in knowing that your solar installer has been carefully selected, trained, and certified by REC. To be an ‘REC Certified Solar Professional’, the installer must be able to offer best-in-class service and reliability.

Extended warranty
By choosing an REC Certified Solar Professional, you can benefit from REC’s unique REC ProTrust Warranty package at no extra cost. The REC ProTrust Warranty gives you 5 years extra product warranty cover (25 years total) and up to 25-year labor cover* in addition to 25-year performance warranty coverage.

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ProTrust-Warranty_final with 25 Years_fu

While the best warranty is one that customers never need to call on, REC products are close to this utopia, boasting a very low claims rate; from more than 4 million REC panels manufactured each year, less than 400 return from the field as defective. REC’s warranty offering reflects this premium quality.

REC´s ProTrust Warranty package covers product, performance, and labor - and is exclusively offered by REC Certified Solar Professional installers. This means unprecedented savings, more economic security, and greater energy autonomy for you. 


Product Warranty
Covers panel defects and promises superior quality for at least 20 years. All panels are eligible for a +5 year product warranty extension, as part of the REC ProTrust Warranty

Performance Warranty
REC´s Performance Warranty ensures that REC panels perform exactly as expected– every year for 25 years. With higher warranted power and higher annual yields, you can have greater ROI predictability.

Labor Warranty
The Labor Warranty is unique to the REC ProTrust package and gives you added protection in the unlikely event that an REC panel needs to be serviced or replaced.

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